Mum: You’ve got this

EP 8 ‘Mum: You’ve got this’ - KATE

January 17, 2020

KATE (33) - Mum of one (2.5yo), a social worker and also has her own coaching business Based in Hobart.

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Further comments from Kate;

Any specific things you’ve done or been exposed to that really helped

Connecting with a life coach/ counsellor

Podcasts – changed my life since becoming a mum (So thank you for creating this one!)

I also feel really aligned with;

Janet Lansbury – Unruffled podcast

Social media – The Milk Meg/ Pinky McKay (Early days)

Sarah Ockwell Smith, Maggie Dent, Dan Siegal (Brain development

Key pieces of advice to other mum's struggling with the balance/ aspiring mum's

If I had my time again/ next time;

Focus on getting to know your child

Figure out what kind of parent you want to be

Don’t become obsessed with googling, but don’t feel ashamed in wanting to find the answers or trying to figure out motherhood.

Don’t compare / drop the comparison around thinking you need to keep up with your old life

Find someone to support you, this might be a counsellor, coach, mentor (it’s a great way to keep something for you, (as everything can come about your baby), you can do it from home, flexibly, someone you can be really hones with and vent too

Build a support network around you

Know that everything is a life season! You will sleep again, you will spend time with your partner again, you will be able to do something for yourself again

Get clear about your values and whats important to you

Don’t get obsessed with what you think your child should/ shouldn’t be doing (unless it’s a health/ developmental concern then seek out appropriate care/ treatment

Sometimes people don’t tell you the truth because it’s easier when it comes to sleep, that motherhood appears/ should be easy etc.